Coffee, cuddles and cats

I’ll be completely honest. Don’t go to the Cat Cuddle Cafe if you want a coffee, go because you want to cuddle a cat and support an amazing business that is saving lives.

The website describes it as a ‘pawsome cat cuddling space for crazy cat people’.

This energising little business is changing lives, not only for the happy cats being re-homed but also for kitty loving folk who are lining up to visit. For $10.50 you can spend one hour with a room full of well-fed and much-loved cats, ranging in age from kittens to seniors. On the day we visited, I counted 12 cats. The space is fantastic and caters primarily to the comfort of the cats. They have climbing runs and toys and plenty of spaces to escape when they’ve had enough of human contact. It’s well organised and very clean (no cat poop smells here).

On entering the double-gated space, you’ll be asked to wash your hands and you’ll need to read and abide by the cafe rules. Volunteers ensure everyone, cats and humans, are behaving, although play is definitely encouraged with a large selection of cat toys for the more energetic felines.

Humans get a large communal table and seating but you are free to wander around the different zones and meet as many kitties as you like. You can also enjoy a coffee and cake if you just want to sit back and enjoy the space. The small outdoor area is also a popular spot for cats and humans seeking some sun. The number of humans allowed in at any one time is kept to a minimum so it doesn’t feel crowded.

Of course, the real aim of this business is to find the cats new forever homes. You visit, meet a kitty and fall in love. If you do fall in love, the adoption process is very serious. You’ll be interviewed to first make sure you are the right person to adopt a furbaby.

On average, most cats are adopted within two weeks of arriving at the cafe. They are all vaccinated and desexed, healthy and contented.

Donations are gladly accepted. This might be in the form of dry and wet food, litter, cat beds, flea and worm treatments and cat carry cages. They are also looking for people willing to foster cats until they are ready for introduction to the Cat Cuddle Cafe. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them if you can help.

After losing my little girl in May (after 24 years) I was in desperate need of some cat company. This is the place I’ll be returning to when I’m ready to adopt a new furbaby.

Cat Cuddle Cafe, 160 Musgrave Rd, Red Hill

Hours: 10am – 6pm (Tues – Sat) 10am – 4pm (Sun)

Ph: 07 3189 2426


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