Ribs & Burgers

After a morning outing to see the beautifully filmed ‘Yves Saint Laurent’ (highly recommend, if you like art house films) Mrs A, Miss Moo and myself should have been in the mood for a sophisticated French lunch but no, what did we choose, burgers! Something about the smell that drew us in as we walked out of the Palace Cinemas in James Street.

It was my first visit to Ribs & Burgers and I liked it, a lot. It was fresh, fast and they serve wine in a tumbler. That took Mrs A and I straight back to the 1980s when we frequently drank (not very good wine) out of a glass.

I enjoyed the mini burgers, one beef, one chicken, served with well seasoned crunchy chips ($16). Both were moist with a particularly good tasting sauce and the buns were light and soft. Mrs A went with the Italian style feather steak, a tenderised grain-fed sirloin, seared, seasoned and dressed with olive oil, lemon and herbs ($17). The steak really was tender and succulent. Miss Moo had the cheese burger ($12) and surprised herself by finishing it all.

Together with a side of crunchy onion rings ($5) and a cabbage salad with chopped apple, roasted pinenuts, fresh mint, seasoned with olive oil and lemon ($6) we were full up to kitty’s bow, fueled and ready for some post lunch shopping.

Ribs & Burgers

Centro on James, 39 James St, Fortitude Valley




2 thoughts on “Ribs & Burgers

  1. Just saw Ribs & Burgers for the first time the other day when I went to The Palace (such a long time since I’d been there). Spent some time looking in the window, checking out the menu. I though the mini burgers sounded like a good option also. If we’re at The Palace again, we’ll probably arrange to have a meal so it sounds ideal. Those onions rings look delish!

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