Chester Street dessert

If you’ve dined with me before you’ll know that I check out the dessert menu before anything else. This is important because I need to know if I have to engage the dessert stomach before the meal. It’s all very complicated but lets just say that my eyes are clearly bigger than my stomach.

I don’t like super sweet desserts and rarely would I order anything as traditional as apple pie or sticky date pudding. My favourite dessert flavours are lemon, coffee and burnt caramel. Obviously not all together, although lemon and burnt caramel might just work.

Anyway, when Chester Street Bakery & Bar invited me to sample their new dessert menu, I didn’t hesitate. Miss P happily accompanied me.

DSC02721It was a cool and rainy evening and the Chester Street wood-fired pizza oven was ablaze. I could have easily been distracted by the pizza, especially the roast pork, honey pear, caramalised onion and provolone but we weren’t there for pizza. We each ordered a piccolo (coffee by Grinders) and perused the dessert menu.

DSC02722Traditionalists would be happy with vanilla bean panna cotta with rhubarb, warm apple pie with chantilly cream, sticky date pudding with vanilla ice cream and banoffee pie but we were much more interested in the peanut butter and jelly, the lemon curd crepes, the waffles with candied bacon and maple syrup ice cream and the nutella pizza with bananna and toasted marshmallows.

Our friendly waitress seemed to approved of our choice of peanut butter and jelly (peanut butter blondie, jelly ice cream and hot chocolate sauce).

DSC02729The blondie was full of chewy peanut butter, a little difficult to cut with a spoon but oh so yummy with the raspberry jelly ice cream. Comforting childhood flavours with a not to sweet chocolate sauce.

The lemon curd pancakes with vanilla bean ice cream were sensational. Light buttery crepes, steaming hot, filled with a tart lemon curd and cold ice cream. Simple but perfect flavours on a cool rainy evening.

DSC02728DSC02731Both Miss P and I were happy with our desserts but with a little twist of the arm we were offered a slice of cake from the cabinet. So many beautiful cakes and cheesecakes to try but in the end we went with the classic carrot cake. So often, dry and tasting like cardboard, this version was moist, full of walnuts with a very decadent cream cheese frosting. After a few bites, the sugar coma set in and most of it came home in a box with me (devoured the following day for afternoon tea along with a delightful passionfruit marshmallow).


Chester Street Bakery & Bar is fun. It has a warm and cosy fit-out and a good selection of sweet treats to fill that late night craving. Go check it out! Next time I’ll be trying the chocolate fondant with malted milk ice cream and ovaltine crunch.

DSC02720Dessert is available seven days 5pm till late.

32a Chester Street, Newstead.


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