Adelaide Central Market

Call me crazy but I actually get a little buzzy and excited when visiting food markets. I find supermarkets depressing, they lack personality and warmth and no matter how hard Coles and Woolies try to create that ‘market atmosphere’ in the fresh food section, I’m not buying it!

South-east Queensland does have a lot of farmers markets to visit on weekends but I would kill to live within walking distance of a regular market. Ok, maybe not kill, but it would be so inspiring to have something as wonderful as Adelaide Central Market on my doorstep. Pretty sure my grocery bill would sky rocket but how lovely to buy fresh produce and product from local suppliers.


Our Words to Go group, courtesy of Tasting Australia did a walking tour of the market with Callum Hann (former Masterchef contestant). Callum is a lovely young man who freely shared his knowledge and showed us some of his favourite things to buy at the market (fig and walnut bread and Kangaroo Island honey).

We sampled delicious cheese from the The Smelly Cheese Shop, yoghurt from The Yoghurt Shop, bread from Wild Loaf and small-goods from Lucia’s Fine Foods.

My friend Heike (check out her blog But it Tasted Good) and I enjoyed breakfast at Zuma Caffe before the market tour. The food was fresh and very reasonably priced.

If you intend visiting Adelaide, make sure you include a market visit in your itinerary. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did.

Adelaide Central Markets

Opening hours: Tues 7am – 5.30, Wed 9am – 5.30, Thurs 9am – 5.30, Fri 7am – 9pm, Sat 7am – 3pm, Sun & Mon closed.


7 thoughts on “Adelaide Central Market

  1. I am so jealous. Nic lived in Adelaide for quite a few years before we met and he’s always telling me how amazing these markets are. It definitely will happen one day!

  2. Great photos – you’ve really captured the essence of the place… and what a fragrant and vibrant essence the Central Markets have. I really enjoyed exploring there with you 🙂

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