Sofi spritzer

Sofi spritz is a new all Australian girl trying to break into the light wine spritzer market. She is all natural, has some very cool branding #boysdontgetit and tastes very refreshing over ice with a slice of lime. IMG_1750

Using Riesling grapes, blood orange, bitters and citrus zest, Sofi has a bitter-sweet taste with a crisp finish. She has no added sugar and a lower alcohol content than most wines so she’ll fit in perfectly with your girlfriends at a casual weekend lunch or picnic. She originates from NSW but has stockists friends in Qld.

Sofi is the brainchild of Tommy Maclean and Simon Gilbert with Charl at Love & Money giving Soft her style. They are running a pozible campaign to raise funds to further distribute Sofi throughout Australia. Find out more about the pozible campaign.

IMG_1743I like Sofi, I hope she sticks around.

For the Love of Food was provided with samples to get to know Sofi.


One thought on “Sofi spritzer

  1. The packaging is cute and it does look refreshing. I think they might have a bit of a hard time overcoming the dark days of ‘West Coast Wine Cooler’ and the legacy it has left but time will tell. I’m on their campaign page as I write. F

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