Eat Street

Yes, ok, I’m a bit slow off the mark. I’ve been trying to get to Eat Street for months but our Friday and Saturdays are always super busy so it was with much delight that I realised our choice for Easter Friday afternoon was sit on the couch (tempting) or mingle with the rest of Brisbane who had decided not to go away camping or boating for Easter.

DSC02486We arrived at 4pm and easily found a park. The crowds were fine, busy but not uncomfortable. By the time we left at 5.45 it was heaving with people, shoulder to shoulder, so unless you enjoy crowds and queuing for food, arrive when it opens, have a wander, eat, drink and leave, unless of course, you want to hang around for the live music and have a second dinner before everything closes at 10pm.

Being first-timers, we did a full lap to see what was on offer. Everything… everything is on offer from gluten-free donuts to pizza. Basically, you think of a food and it’ll be there, somewhere. Everything from healthy wholefood options and not so healthy (I’m talking curly potato things to giant chocolate cronuts).

We were tempted by Japanese dumplings, Turkish gozleme, Hungarian goulash, Tex Mex, the list goes on and as per usual I struggled to make a decision. I’m bad enough with a 10 item menu let alone row after row of street food vendors that all smell amazing!

We settled on two things we’ve been keen to try for awhile. The Howzat burger ($12) from Philip Johnson’s new food venture and the Chitty Chitty Banh Mi baguette ($10) from brother and sister team, Jake and Elle of MKR fame.

The caramlised pork banh mi was tasty but the baguette was huge, so a little hard to eat. Lots of fresh coriander and pickled carrot but it lacked the pate spread that I’ve become so fond of in a traditional Vietnamese banh mi. The Mexican style Howzat burger with pork belly and crackling was packed with flavour and we loved the spicy chipotle sauce.

Naturally, I had food envy while people-watching so we’ll have to go back just so I can sample a few other things. Judging by the crowds, this is exactly the type of food scene Brisbane has been crying out for.

DSC02494Top tips: Arrive early. Wear your fat pants and bring cash so you don’t have to line up at the ATM.

Eat Street Markets, Macarthur Avenue, Hamilton

$2 entry fee.

Open 4pm – 10pm every Friday and Saturday





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