Fat Noodle

I’m not a fan of casinos and as a general rule I wouldn’t usually visit a restaurant located in a casino but since its opening in late 2012, I’ve been curious to try Fat Noodle. Two reasons; I love Asian flavours and I’m a fan of Luke Nguyen, so Al and I were really happy to accept an invitation from Treasury Casino to sample the refreshed Fat Noodle menu.

We starters we ate; prawn and pork rice paper rolls ($13), vegetable dumplings ($10), and teriyaki lightly grilled salmon ($14). I really loved the dumplings, beautifully soft, perfect comfort food but the real stand-out in both texture and flavour was the salmon. It delivered on all levels, pretty to look at and delicious to eat!

For mains we ate; braised vegetables in soy and ginger sauce with glass noodles ($16), tempura battered barramundi ($20), spicy pork ($17) and Vietnamese chicken salad ($14). The Vietnamese chicken salad has been on the menu from day one and I don’t think it’ll be going anywhere, anytime soon. It’s perfectly balanced, mouth-watering, light and healthy and at $14 a serve, a good value for money lunch-time dish. The tempura barramundi was also a highlight. Fish perfectly cooked in a light batter with a wasabi mayo that had you dipping in again and again.

For dessert we ate; ginger and star anise panna cotta ($13) and pandan coconut cream brulee ($13). Desserts were beautifully presented, the bright green of the Pandan unexpected and little confronting but the texture and subtle flavour seemed to be a crowd favourite at our table. I enjoyed the panna cotta but thought it could have handled a much punchier ginger flavour.

The menu takes its inspiration from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan and China so regardless of your preferred style of Asian food, you’ll find something to excite your taste-buds.

Fat Noodle is a restaurant with many spaces so whether you are with a group, on a date night or dining by yourself, you’ll find a space indoor or outdoor, that is comfortable. The decor is relatively unstated with moody lighting and if you enjoy watching the kitchen at work, there are a few tables that will give you this view.

The wine list is small and very reasonably priced with glasses ranging from $6 for a Morgan’s Bay Sparkling to $9 for a Leo Buring Riesling. We sampled an alcoholic Thai ginger beer which for a non-beer drinker was actually not too bad.

To encourage diners to visit, Treasury Casino offer free parking if you spend $100 on your meal, $10 parking if you spend $50. Fat Noodle offers excellent value for money. Two people could have a generous evening meal, including drinks for between $100 and $120. For CBD dining that’s definitely good value!

Did the Fat Noodle experience change my mind about restaurants in casinos, probably not, but in saying that, I really did enjoy the food and the ambiance, so if you don’t mind walking past the game tables and the poker machines on your way from the carpark to restaurant and if in fact, you enjoy a gambling flutter, then Fat Noodle is definitely a must-visit. Of course, you could always park in the Myer Centre and avoid the casino all together 🙂

Fat Noodle is open seven days a week.
Sunday to Thursday 11:30am till 11.00pm
Friday and Saturday 11:30am till 12:00am

For the Love of Food was a guest of Fat Noodle.


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