Pink, green and white summer salad

It requires some precision knife skills and nimble fingers but the end result is pretty, delicate and a great light dinner party starter to awaken the taste buds.

DSC02383You’ll need watermelon, avocado, feta and some sprigs of mint and thyme. Cut the watermelon, avo and feta into roughly the same sized squares. I knew I would get bored of the cutting process and cut corners so I asked Al to do the cutting for me. He was methodical and careful, both skills I don’t possess in the kitchen. As you are cutting the avo, squeeze some lemon or lime juice on them to keep the vibrant green alive.

DSC02384Once you’ve got a good pile of each component you can start the assemble. In hindsight, a pair of tweezers would have made this job easier but I managed to get six plates done fairly quickly. You can then decorate however you like but keep it delicate. Once assembled give a final squeeze of citrus over the top and maybe a splash of balsamic if you like.

I’d be keen to hear what other vegetables or fruits would work well presented like this, thoughts?

DSC02381Thanks Ilana Freddye for the inspiration to reproduce this beautiful salad.


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