Lazy Summer Days – 5 Easy Ways With Mangoes

Fiona from TIFFIN bite sized food adventures, readers. With Heather still on her glorious holiday, I thought I’d swing past and write another post. Mangoes polarise people. Not in the same way as say, Lady Gaga but, most people adamantly love or loathe them. I’m in the love camp. That first sweet, juicy, fragrant bite and the string it leaves in your teeth afterwards! Even now, whenever I eat a mango, it takes me back to my childhood and happy summer days.

First Mangoes of the Season

Mangoes in the neighbourhood

Each year when the first mangoes of the season appear on the shelves at ridiculously exorbitant prices, I resist for as long as I can but inevitably cave in. The next thing you know though, there are mangoes everywhere, the price has dropped through the floor and suddenly you have a case of them on your kitchen bench. Green and unyielding one minute, a dozen ripe mangoes that all need eating the next.  After you’ve eaten a couple standing over the kitchen sink, you need to start getting creative, and quick. So, if you’re like me and have a case of mangoes that you need to deal with this weekend, perhaps you could try these 5 Easy Ways With Mangoes.

P1170081 (800x600)

1. Freeze

Mangoes freeze really, really well. So, peel and cube a couple of those mangoes , pop them into a container and put it in the freezer. Frozen mangoes can be defrosted or, you could just wizz them up in the blender with some white rum and caster sugar for an instant daiquiri

2. Puree

Peel and slice a couple of mangoes into the blender. For every mango, add a tablespoon of water and a teaspoon of caster sugar. Give it a good whirl until you have a puree. You can push the mixture through a sieve for an ultra smooth sauce or use as is. The puree is good over ice cream, swirled through yoghurt or on top of a dense coconut cake. This freezes well too.

3. Sorbet


Mango sorbet as a great creamy texture without any dairy. Here’s a link to a recipe I published when we were overcome with the mango tidal wave of 2013.

4. Coronation Chicken

There are many recipes for this classic salad, now used as a standard sandwich filling in Tesco’s and Boots across the UK. The basic mix is cooked, chopped chicken, mayonnaise, curry powder and an apricot puree and pieces. Some versions include celery or apple (sounds a bit Waldorf Salad to me), many include sultanas and flaked or slivered almonds.  You can choose your recipe from the selection here.

I’m suggesting that instead of the apricot puree or mango chutney, you add in some of the mango puree and some chunks of mango. Go all out and add a fine dice of chilli. Now days, fruit in salads or salt on desserts is par for the course but imagine the thrill when this was invented for the Queen’s Coronation in 1953.

 5. Breakfast Smoothie

Over Christmas I made various smoothies and frappes each morning to enjoy with our breakfast. Now that I’m back at work, I don’t have time to muck around in the kitchen in the mornings. Instead, I prepare the ingredients for this breakfast smoothie the night before and leave in the fridge in a bowl. In the morning I can just drop it in the blender and  wizz for a few minutes before pouring it into a drink bottle with wide mouth. I use one of my stainless steel straws to sip it at the bus stop and on the walk to work.

Breakfast Smoothie

  • 1 x mango, peeled and cut into chunks
  • ¼ cup plain rolled oats (not toasted, not instant)
  • ¼ cup natural of flavoured yoghurt
  • ½ cup milk
  • 3- 4 ice cubes

Place all ingredients in blender and process until smooth. If you are using frozen mango chunks, you will not need the ice-cube but may like to add a splash more milk to loosen the mix. The addition of the oats adds fibre and as they are low GI, helps to fill you up until morning tea.

P1170104 (600x800)

That’s all for this time. Thanks for reading and hope to see you again soon. Fiona.


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