21 things from Eat Drink Blog


  1. Food is intimate and sharing it is a privilege.
  2. Restaurants are paying attention to food bloggers.
  3. Blogging is considered part of mainstream journalism.
  4. Always write the truth and if you feel the need to criticise, state that it is your opinion only.
  5. When writing, tap into the part of you that is deeply authentic.
  6. Write what scares you or challenges you.
  7. Write about your failures.
  8. Have something urgent to say.
  9. By 2015, 80% of the population will be using smartphones.
  10. 4.1 hours of our leisure time is spent in front of a screen.
  11. There are two types of food photos: porn and inform. Porn photos entice you and inform photos give you the detail.
  12. When photographing, don’t show what is there, show what you want to say.
  13. Your readers want to connect with you. Try to incorporate more video into your work.
  14. Assert your moral rights when necessary.
  15. If you have been invited to a particular event, disclose it at the beginning of the post so your readers understand the circumstances up-front.
  16. Mushrooms grow three times larger during a lightning storm (something about ions in the air).
  17. There is a strong association between mushroom consumption and a lower risk of breast cancer.
  18. The mighty mushroom is not a fruit or a vegetable. It’s a fungus.
  19. Crown mushroom farm produces 25-30 tonnes of fresh mushrooms weekly.
  20. Perth has awesome food trucks.

DSC00386Thanks to the organising committee for their hard-work in setting up such an inspiring and fun event and thanks to the sponsors who fed us, caffeinated us, kept us hydrated and supplied us with some great products.

Event sponsors: European Foods, Five Senses Coffee, Brownes, West N Fresh, Littlesweet Artisan Baking, Red Hot Spatula, WA Tourism, Perth Convention Bureau, Bahen & Co. Chocolate Maker, Urban Locavore, Scoop Publishing, Citibank, Jax Coco, Custard & Co, Galafrey Wines, Eagle Bay Brewing, Delish Ice, Jumplings, Butty’s, Bangkok Jump Street, Old Lira Pizza, Marcelita’s Empanadas and Perth City Farm.

Finally, some of my favourite images from the event.


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