Lamkin Lane Espresso Bar

Caloundra is a place for rest and relaxation, not top-notch coffee, right? Wrong! Yes, sure, you can enjoy a walk on the beach and marvel at the exquisite aqua blue water. You can wander through the Sunday markets and sample tasty food from Japan, Turkey, Vietnam and Mexico or you can lounge by your resort pool and soak up the glorious sun and now you can get a coffee hit that will make you smile like a Cheshire cat.

Lamkin Lane is a small shop, with crisp navy accents, a polished concrete floor and recycled timber. It’s run by award winning baristas Tim Adams and James Pedrazzini and is a jewel in the sea for Caloundra’s coffee lovers.

Tim is the current Australasian Specialty Coffee Association Queensland champion. He also won the Australian title in 2009 and placed 13th at the World Championships the same year. In 2010 he won the Queensland title and has carved out a solid reputation within the coffee industry. Tim says, “My passion for coffee is equalled only to my passion to be the best barista I can.”


We visited on the Saturday and the Sunday and both days saw a steady stream of people enjoying the blends and single origin beans available. Lamkin Lane isn’t a cafe, it’s a coffee bar with just a few sweet treats and some boutique style cold drinks. The staff are focused on producing the perfect cup to give you a truly satisfying coffee experience. Ask them what they recommend and they’ll happily talk you through the beans and flavour profiles.

Lamkin Lane is worth the drive to Caloundra. As a bonus, you’ll get sun, sand and that exquisite aqua blue water.

31 Lamkin Lane, Caloundra
Mon – Fri: 6 am – 4 pm
Sat – Sun: 7 am – 12 pm

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