Zumbo’s salted caramel macarons

I’ve attempted to make macarons twice before, both with varying degrees of success so I was very curious about trying the macaron packet mix by Adriano Zumbo. The fact that everything is already carefully measured and you are only responsible for adding 1/4 cup water takes the stress out of the process.

The box comes with everything you’ll need including piping bags and a ring template so you get the correct size macaron. On the side of the packet you’ll find a QR code link to video instruction if you are feeling the need for tuition. I didn’t look at this beforehand and maybe I should have!

DSC00168DSC00170Apparently this mix makes at least 40 shells. I wasn’t so lucky. In the end I had about 12 shells that were useable and another 14 or so that didn’t develop ‘feet’, so I don’t think I had the consistency of the mix just right.

DSC00173The flavour was good, although a little too sweet for me, but I did have some very positive comments from macaron lovers which was encouraging.

I’d be keen to give this another go to see if I can get 30 shells (15 macarons) that are perfect, but next time I’ll try the passionfruit version.

DSC00222DSC00223I had the opportunity to meet Adriano at a breakfast at Riverbend books back in December 2012. You can read about that meeting here.


7 thoughts on “Zumbo’s salted caramel macarons

  1. They look yummy! I keep waiting past the packets in my local supermarket, curious as well. Never tried baking macarons but its on my list of things to do!

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