Chocolate tofu mousse

A few months back I posted a super healthy strawberry dessert made with tofu. It was certainly healthy but no where near as satisfying as this version made with dark chocolate, vanilla and a hit of espresso coffee.

I originally learned the recipe for this no-guilt dessert at a Mondo Organics cooking class but I have since tweaked by adding vanilla and espresso.


Melt half a block of dark chocolate (approx 125-150grams) and let it cool slightly before adding it into a food processor with 300 grams of silken tofu. Whiz this up until smooth. Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla bean paste and a small shot of espresso and whiz again remembering to scrap down the sides of the mixer so that all of the tofu is incorporated. (You don’t want any little white flecks of tofu showing). If you like your mousse extra sweet, add a tablespoon of honey or golden syrup.


Spoon into dessert glasses and chill for a few hours. The consistency is exactly as you would expect a well-made mousse to be. It’s a cracker of a dessert and while you eat it, you’ll have no feelings of guilt about all the usual calories that go with mousse.

DSC00105It’s a great dessert if you are having a busy workday but have friends coming for dinner. Seriously takes no more than 15 minutes to make. Top with strawberries or raspberries and enjoy!

DSC00110I’m a bit of a fan of silken tofu. Do you have a recipe using silken tofu you can share?


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