Quick strawberry dessert

With an abundance of strawberries in the fridge, the urge took me to create a quick and super healthy dessert. The surprise ingredient, silken tofu!

strawberry dessert2

Years ago, I attended a Mondo Organics healthy eating cooking class and one of the dishes we learnt was chocolate mousse. Melted dark chocolate, a tub of silken tofu and a squeeze of honey. It’s truly perfection. It sets beautifully, is smooth and has a rich chocolate flavour. I’ve served it at many dinner parties over the years and no one can pick tofu as the main ingredient. I thought I’d try to create a version using strawberries.

Add a punnet of strawberries to a small saucepan and add two tablespoons of your choice of sweetener; honey, castor sugar, brown sugar, golden syrup. I used my new favourite sugar called Panela. The pack says it tastes like golden syrup, molasses and rainbows and I’d have to agree!


Once the strawberries are soft, add to a food processor with a tub of silken tofu. Whiz it all up, until the consistency is smooth and creamy. Spoon into dessert glasses, top with strawberries and grated chocolate and you have instant, healthy dessert, enough for four serves.

You can definitely detect the tofu flavour in this version but it’s not overly sweet, more like a strawberry custard consistency. So you can eat dessert and feel good about it!

strawberry dessert


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