Out and about with pH business today, Miss P and I decided to check out BirdCage in Logan Road, Woolloongabba. BirdCage describes itself as Pan Asian cuisine. I wasn’t totally sure I knew what this meant, but on reading the menu it clearly means food from all Asian nations. In fact, a quick google search describes it as ‘an ideology or a movement that Asian nations unite and solidify’.

Asia is very definitely united in the BirdCage menu with dishes from Vietnam, Japan, China, Malaysia and Thailand. So if you have a group of friends and you really can’t decide on which Asian cuisine, BirdCage might just be the place for you.

Being a quick lunch stop we shared three entrees and two desserts.

King prawns and chicken in rice paper with glass noodles and a Vietnamese mint and coriander dipping sauce. These were plump and freshly made with a good hit of coriander. ($17 for two large rolls).

Rice paper rollsPork, shitake and bamboo potstickers with black rice vinegar and pickled ginger dipping sauce. I love a good potsticker and these were a decent version but not lip-smackingly good. The sauce was seriously spicy, a little too much on the hot side, more chilli than ginger I suspect. ($16 for four).

PotstickersSalt and pepper squid tossed in chilli and garlic with a sweet soy and lime dressing. This was a seriously good version of salt and pepper squid. Salty, slightly sweet and delicious when eaten with the chilli and garlic and fried basil. ($16 for a decent sized serve).

Salt and pepper squidWe found this a perfect size for a light lunch but on reading the dessert menu we needed to try the lemongrass and ginger brulee over a pineapple and mint compote ($15) and the tapioca pearls with sweetened coconut cream and poached fruit ($14).

The brulee was just as it should be, a nice crack through the brulee top, a not too sweet but creamy middle section with an interesting addition of the compote at the bottom. The more successful dessert was the tapioca. This was light and refreshing with a good amount of coconut cream and a great ending to a meal with Asian flavours.

Lemongrass and ginger bruleeTapiocaSome of the dishes on the main menu included; duck breast on red Thai curry with caramelised pineapple, apple eggplant and roasted shallots ($32), whole snapper fried in BirdCage spices with Asian slaw, mint and a sesame lime dressing ($32), free range chicken roasted in banana leaf and Balinese spices with bean and coconut lawar ($30). Three vegetarian options are also available as an entree or main size.

Although the food is above average I feel like the actual restaurant may have a slight decor identity problem. It’s a mix of Asian references and European style with booths along one wall, not unlike Enoteca located next door. None-the-less, I really enjoyed our lunch. The service was efficient and although not a budget lunch, the food was of a high standard. I’d love to know how they came up the name BirdCage. Lots of birdcages hanging from the ceiling would look fantastic!

p: 3162 1185

14 Logan Road, Woolloongabba


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