Red Rock Bar & Grill

A Sunday lunch with our friends B & M saw us dining at Red Rock Bar & Grill located at the Hope Island Shopping Centre on the way to Sanctuary Cove. My only expectation was that the coffee was going to be first-rate due to Al’s association with barista Timothy Sweet, who is passionate, professional and very particular about the coffee (Toby’s Estate) he serves his dining guests.

Although Red Rock does offer light meals and a decent breakfast menu, this venue is not a cafe but a fully fledged restaurant with an interesting menu, a decent wine list and a great selection of cocktails.

For starters Al ordered Oysters Kilpatrick which were plump and very fresh and were served just how they should be with a decent amount of topping and a wedge of lemon. My salad of toasted walnuts and pancetta was a meal in itself. Beautiful flavours with feta, spanish onion and orange segments with a congac seeded mustard dressing. I loved this dish, it was light, fresh and tasty.

Oysters KilpatrickSalad of walnuts and pancetta

For mains Al went with crispy skinned Ocean Trout, pan fried and served with an avocado and fresh crab meat tian, sweet potato chips and pilaf rice ($32). Not a single complaint and nothing left on the plate, I’d say this was successful. For my main I chose another entree dish of braised beef cheeks with parsnip puree and caponata of eggplant, zucchini, capsicum and Sicilian olives ($22). This was everything it should be. Tender, rich with jus and a creamy puree, it was perfection on this cool winter Sunday.

Ocean TroutBeef cheeksHighlight of the afternoon was a special dessert based around a coffee from Costa Rica that Timothy is currently experimenting with. Timothy, knowing that we are mad coffee lovers designed this dessert to bring out the caramel flavours in this gorgeous syphon coffee. I believe we were the first customers to have the pleasure of trying this dessert designed by Timothy and the Red Rock team but I’m pretty sure it’ll be hitting the menu anytime soon. It’s an absolute must try dessert, but leave room as it is rich and once you start, it’s very hard to stop. A mouthful of brulee followed by a sip of coffee was sublime. I think I’ll call it caramel Costa Rica creme brulee! Enough said, I think the photos say it all!

Costa Rica syphon coffee

If you happen to find yourself heading to the coast or Sanctuary Cove, then Red Rock is a great alternative to the usual Tedder Avenue, Main Beach restaurants. It has a warm atmosphere, the staff are friendly and efficient and you are guaranteed to get a cracker cup of coffee at the end of your meal.

Red Rock Bar & Grill

Hope Island Shopping Centre

Santa Barbara Drive

Open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, except Monday.


2 thoughts on “Red Rock Bar & Grill

  1. We are lucky to have Red Rock basically on our doorstep and cannot live without Tim’s amazing coffee. Thanks for giving words in such a perfect manner about this wonderful restaurant where we enjoy eloquent sufficiency daily. ❤❤❤

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