I recently attended my first Tweatup dinner organised by the lovely Fiona @Tiffinbitesizedfood. It was fantastic to be at a table where everyone felt comfortable using their iPhones and cameras to photograph and tweat about the food.

I loved meeting fellow foodies including host and chef Tony Percuoco from Tartufo restaurant in the Emporium, Fortitude Valley. Tony was a marvelous and very generous host, popping out to chat and explain the dishes and sharing his love of Italian cuisine.

The dinner was all about showcasing Tony’s favourite ingredients, prepared simply and with an abundance of love and attention that was evident in every plate of food that arrived at our table.

We started with warm home-made bread, evo and balsamic, closely followed by my favourite dish of the night, Barramundi crudo topped with capers, diced tomato, lemon juice and evo. The fish was paper thin, melt in your mouth, the flavours really danced on your tongue. It was a delightful and memorable dish.

Barra crudoNext arrived Carpaccio di manzo, thinly sliced raw beef tenderloin, served with garlic infused evo and lemon and finished with fresh rocket, thinly shaved black truffle, parmesan and black pepper. These flavours are a match made in heaven. I usually find truffle overpowering, but this dish changed my mind.

Beef carpaccio

Next up, pate of chicken liver served with cornichons, crostini and the most delicious quince paste I’ve ever tasted, along with a small serve of rabbit terrine and a pickled vegetable salad. This was quite a rich dish which unfortunately I didn’t manage to finish.

Chicken liver pate and rabbit terrineAfter a short break, we were next served a very flavoursome dish of spaghetti with poached egg, shaved black truffle and parmesan. One of the foodies at our table, young Elliot @ayounggourmet was invited into the kitchen with Tony to help prepare this dish. I think the rest of us were a little jealous.

A gorgeous palate cleanser of strawberry and mint was next served before a spectacular dish of rolled veal, filled with pine nuts, raisins, sage and wrapped in pancetta served on a mushroom puree.

To end the meal, we finished with a simple but absolutely beautiful serve of strawberries, vanilla ice cream and a young eight year old balsamic. Strawberries with balsamic is one of my all time favourite flavour combinations so I was very happy to finish the meal with such perfection.

Strawberries and vanilla ice cream

All of these dishes are available on the Tartufo menu, some as part of degustation menus and others available in the standard menu. They are some of Tony’s favourites, so our table was very lucky to experience the best of the best.

Tartufo has old world European charm, the staff are friendly and very professional. You feel special and this, I think, has a lot to do with the warmth and generosity of Tony. Yes, he was very attentive to our ‘foodie table’ but from what I hear, he makes a point of visiting every table during service to ensure his diners are enjoying the Tartufo experience.

For lovers of Italian food, Tartufo is a must.

tartufo ristorante italiano + wine bar

1000 ann street fortitude valley australia

07 3852 1500

lunch + dinner seven days

Disclaimer: every guest at this dinner paid for their meal.


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