Hawthorne Garage

It’s a perfect combination, gourmet food and grocery items, fresh fruit and veg, freshly made artisan bread, deli items and a decent cup of coffee. With the amount of foodies living in Brisbane, you can’t really go wrong with a concept store like the Hawthorne Garage. It’s bright, fresh, inviting and with the big red truck parked out the front, it’s hard to miss.

I lunched here recently with Mr C and Miss Melb. Being school holidays, it was busy with mums and kids but we managed to find a table. The food is super fresh and really tasty. Mr C and I enjoyed a roasted chicken wrap with a mayo and seeded mustard dressing with salad greens. Miss Melb went with the smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese and capers. The food portions are generous and well priced. As well as a range of wraps and bagels, they also have a nice choice of fresh looking salads and some wicked looking sweet treats. We tried the chocolate walnut brownie which was super rich and fudgey.

The food is nicely presented in open cardboard containers (it’s a shame they don’t have a recycling bin to dispose of said cardboard but maybe they’ll address this if enough people ask the question). Coffee, DNA Espresso, is decent enough, although both Mr C and I did ask for a double and triple shot in our flat whites. DNA stands for Dan ‘n’ Andy (brothers and owners of the business which was previously a 100-year-old petrol station). I really liked the mini gingerbread man served with each coffee. It’s a cute touch.

The success of a boutique business like this relies heavily on repeat business which means outstanding customer service as well as high quality food and coffee. As the saying goes, the devil is in the detail and I think on this particular day, some of the customer service staff weren’t completely focussed on getting the details right. Nonetheless, it’s a pleasant space for a spot of gourmet food shopping and a bite to eat. I look forward to my next visit.

Open from 6am to 8pm every day.

285 Hawthorne Rd, Hawthorne.



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