Harvest at Victoria Point

Harvest is a pleasant spot to meet for coffee and breakfast. No real surprises on the breakfast menu but the servings are large and well presented. On this particular morning, coffee by Merlo, was bland. I suspect the beans might have been a tad old.

I opted for the Bircher muesli with peaches and stewed rhubarb. Great value at $6.90. The rhubarb gave it a nice tang and I liked the addition of tinned peaches at the bottom of the glass.

Bircher muesli with stewed rhubarb

My breakfast buddy, Mrs A ordered the corn fritters with bacon, avocado, poached egg, potato rosti, rocket and tomato relish. This was a huge serve for $15.90 and looked really fresh on the plate. You really can’t go past a good corn fritter and I enjoyed my little taste, it was crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Corn fritters

Other breakfast items that caught my eye included the vegetarian plate with mushrooms, asparagus, vine tomatoes, haloumi and a poached egg on toast $16.50, ricotta pancakes with maple syrup, cream or ice cream for $13.50, and smoked salmon with potato rosti, avo, spinach and a caper salsa $15.50.

It seems that Harvest are trying their best to provide high quality food to a local market and on this Thurs morning before Easter it was busy. They also do lunch and are licensed from 10am if you want a sparkling with your Sunday morning brunch.

Harvest Interior

Harvest Cafe

Shop 1, Victoria Point Lakeside
High Street, Victoria Point


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