Haloumi cheese

I love cheese, especially the squeaky texture and clean flavour of Haloumi, so I was super excited to become a cheese maker for the day with my Mad Millie Cheese Kit.

Surprisingly, it is pretty easy to do as long as you follow the instructions. Yes, I did actually follow this recipe word for word, and I’m pleased to say the result was impressive. It’s like magic watching the milk go through the various stages until finally you have a product that looks like a bought one but tastes even better.

I used four litres of full fat organic un-homogenised Barambah milk which has a very rich, creamy taste. For Queenslanders the Mad Millie website also suggests using Maleny Gold Top or Mungalli Creek milk. Actually, the website is really informative and includes video tutorials as well.

Milk heating up on the stovetop

Four litres of milk makes approximately 650 grams of cheese. The Mad Millie kit comes with everything you need including the thermometer, the muslin cloth and the various additives (ie, rennet tables, calcium chloride, steriliser solution, cheese salt etc).

The process takes some patience but once you cut the curd and see the whey, then you know you’re on the right track, the rest is easy. I never realised that haloumi was cooked in boiling water. Once it floats to the top, you let it drain, salt it, let it cool, then you cut into slices, fry to golden and enjoy.

It was creamy and dare I say it for sounding boring, delicious! It lasts in the fridge for two weeks but somehow I don’t think ours is going to last that long.

This blog topic is not a promotion for Mad Millie, it’s merely my ramblings about how excited I felt once I’d accomplished making, with the help of a cheese making kit, my first proper cheese. If you have the slightest interest in how cheese is made, and if you love eating fresh cheese, then I highly recommend these kits. Next on my list, ricotta.

Haloumi before boiling

Haloumi ready to cut, pan fry and eat


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