Sourced Grocer

Sometimes I think how fantastic it would be to live within walking distance of a funky grocery store disguised as a groovy cafe where all the cool people hang out. My credit card would probably get a weekly workout and I guess the novelty would eventually wear off but the upshot would be not having to drive around in circles trying to find a car park in Teneriffe!

Sourced Grocer is all that and more. It has such a fresh, happy vibe and for a Wednesday lunchtime Miss P and I only just managed to sneak two seats at the communal table. All of the crates and a fair few of the stairs with the pastel white-washed recycled floorboards leading into the space were already taken.

The cafe menu is really inventive. Not too much cooking going on with such a small kitchen space but nonetheless, plenty of options to choose from. Miss P settled on the sardines with caramalised garlic and sourdough. After much deliberation I ordered the Eumundi wood-fired salmon on rye sourdough with creme fraiche. Both dishes were really tasty. The caramalised garlic sweet and a very happy addition to straight out of the tin, but very good quality, sardines. The salmon had a lovely light smokey flavour and with a squeeze of lemon was the exact sort of lunch I love to indulge in.

Smoked salmon on rye sourdough

Sardines with caramalised garlic

Other dishes that caught my eye; Bagel boys Bagel with smashed egg, caramalised onion, organic cheddar and spinach and the Smokehouse Sandwich with Eumundi smoked chicken, avo, mixed leaves, fetta and smoked tomato. The quinoa salad served in a big bowl also looked the business.

The grocery area has a gorgeous array of foods sourced from Queensland, mostly local suppliers. The honeycombe in the large jar complete with spoon was so pretty to look at and a fab present for any honey lover. There is also a cold room with a good selection of cheeses and meat. If you are looking for ingredients that are just that little bit special, then you are sure to find some beautiful products at Sourced.

I’m guessing Saturday and Sunday breakfast would be very popular. If you are driving, my tip, park in Commercial Rd and take a stroll down to Florence St and save yourself the headache of finding a park.

Coffee is by West End roaster Cup Coffee.

Entrance to Sourced

Sourced Grocer website isn’t particularly helpful, just their opening times and address. It’d be great to know a little more about the guys that own and operate and a little about where they source products from. Also a sample menu would be a nice addition. I really enjoyed our visit to Sourced and look forward to a return trip.

11 Florence St, Teneriffe


2 thoughts on “Sourced Grocer

  1. I am lucky enough to live just around the corner and it is a great local. The deli section is fantastic for speciality foods or those with dietary requirements e.g. gluten free. Great post. Jen

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