Strawberry sorbet

Strawberry sorbet

I love sorbet. I love the intense flavour, so on a recent trip to Rocklea markets, where I scored a large punnet of very ripe strawberries for $1, making sorbet on a hot day seemed the only option.

You’ll only need three ingredients. Ripe strawberries, Greek yoghurt and honey. This is my take on a Jamie Oliver recipe and I love the fact that you can distinctly taste every flavour.

Freeze the stawberries before you begin, this will help with the texture of the sorbet. Blitz up the frozen strawberries with the yoghurt, as little or as much as you like and add the honey to taste. Blitz in the food processor until really well blended. Transfer to the ice cream machine for 10 minutes but you could just pour straight from the processor into a container and into the freezer if you don’t have an ice cream machine. I’d recommend freezing for a few hours before you plan to eat.

The colour is so pretty and it just tastes of summer. Enjoy!

Strawberry Sorbet 2


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