Lasagne fail

Ok, so I don’t rant very often. In fact, a few people in my life think that I need to verbally express myself more. I did this today, in an office situation, which probably isn’t entirely appropriate but it has prompted me to write this post. Thanks girls!

How often do we suffer through a meal, after having paid good money, and not express our disappointment. In this particular situation, I’ve been doing it for well over a year. I’m not going to name and shame in this post, but let’s just say, I’m referring to a very nicely fitted-out bistro/bar (their title, not mine) who is centrally located in Logan and on the doorstep of the office where I work part-time. In other words, this venue has a captive audience looking for lunch options.

This place has oodles of potential. It’s bright and fresh and for someone entering for the first time, you’d have an expectation of good quality cafe food that is reasonably priced considering the location.

For someone who thinks of food as fuel only, then ok, you probably won’t have any qualms about what’s on offer. You might look twice at the price but as long as it’s edible you’d be ok. For a foodie or someone who enjoys cooking and eating out, then you are going to be more than disappointed. You might even want to rant about it!

Please, tell me if this sounds unreasonable? $18.90 for lasagne, a salad and chips. Hey, if the lasagne is homemade, all bubbling on top with toasty cheese. Rich red, beefy sauce and silky sheets of well cooked lasagne, then I’m in. Happy to pay that price. Forget the chips, who wants chips with lasagne?  But if what you are presented with resembles an albino version of claggy overcooked pasta with only a bare minimum of what I think might have been beef, then I’m sorry, that’s highway robbery. There’s a vegetable version of this also, but it looked pretty much the same. Clearly pre-bought frozen, reheated and very sad.

It’s not hard to make lasagne but clearly this is not about offering up food people are banging down your door to eat. It’s about the bottom line and profit. I know running a food establishment is hard work, I get there are hidden costs and staff wages but why then have 18 items on your menu and that doesn’t include options for kids. Why not have 8 items and do them really, really well. People will come back for tasty food. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just real, honest food that is cooked from scratch in your kitchen. Not fake frozen chicken strips and pre-bought lasagne from a freezer and don’t even get me started on the weak, bland coffee!

The plus side is the salad was fresh and the staff were friendly. The genuinely seem happy to have customers but I’m sorry, that’s just not enough to get me back again. Rant over… I don’t really feel any better. I just hope someone in charge has the sense to see what an absolute waste of potential this bistro/bar is.


6 thoughts on “Lasagne fail

  1. That’s an articulate and perfectly reasonable rant. And definitely worth the effort. Do you think management is aware of the shortcomings? If not, someone (*nudge nudge*) should. I agree that eight options done well is far better than 18 done mediocre.

  2. Well done Heather! While we all mutter disappointment and endure less than ordinary food you have called them on it. Love your spunk! What about reviewing another place of (no) choice frequented daily by your colleagues…?

  3. Logan say no more, I don’t know why you girls are so hard on this establishment, cooking is about making money not friends. Apparently it’s easy, buy it, portion it, heat it and (Fastueux) that’s a French word in case you’re not sure that was used to create something while having no idea what you’re doing. Or maybe they justed watched Master Chef and though how hard can it be.

  4. Love that you took the initiative and time to write this review. You’re right that too often we suffer through a sub-standard meal we’ve paid good money for without expressing our dissappointment. Love that you sent them an email too – they can’t fix what they don’t know about so hopefully for them, some changes may follow!

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