Bill Granger at Riverbend books

It’s not every day you get to have breakfast with a celebrity chef but seems good fortune was on my side, as Bill sat next to me at his recent visit to Riverbend Books in Bulimba to launch his new book Bill Granger, Easy.

He was so warm and friendly as we chatted about his quick visit to Brisbane and the beautiful cover image of his new book. Probably not a winner if you don’t like eggs, but he seemed quite happy that his face wasn’t on the cover for once (although he does appear on the back cover, so I guess the publisher did win in the end.)

Easy is based around the notion that we lead busy lives and sometimes we don’t have the luxury of spending hours in the kitchen whipping up a three-course meal to delight our family. Sometimes we need to eat and run but as foodies we always want to eat something delicious. Easy features 100 delicious dishes for every day and is broken up into chapters based on what you might have in your fridge or pantry. For example, a carton of eggs, pack of pasta, a leg of lamb, slice of cheese, sack of potatoes, mince and sausages, fillet of fish, punnet of berries, block of chocolate… you get the idea.

Miss P and I sampled two of Bill’s recipe’s; Bircher muesli with spiced cranberries and Indian spiced potatoes with fried egg. Both were light, tasty and very easy to prepare.

Bill answered questions from the audience and talked about his beginnings as a home cook with a love of food. He is currently living in London with his family. This isn’t a permanent relocation, just a new experience as he prepares to open his third London restaurant.

I asked him how he goes about writing new recipes for a cookbook. Not surprisingly, he says he starts with the idea of what do I want to eat now, what are the ingredients I want to use and how can I put them all together. He then has food testers (decent home cooks) who test his recipe (without seeing a photo). He tastes at 1pm and 4pm and adjusts the recipes based on what he tastes.

Bill advised following his recipes down to the last measurement so you can’t go wrong. You’ll then taste the flavours exactly as he meant them to be. Seriously, I will have to try this method of cooking and I think Easy may just be the place to start.


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