Outback Spectacular

You don’t go to the Outback Spectacular for the food but in saying that, the food actually isn’t bad at all. It’s not inventive or pretty but it is tasty and hearty and sometimes that’s exactly what you feel like eating.

The spectacular part is the show. It really is feel good entertainment. The horses are beautifully presented and if you’re a horse lover like me and my date for the night, Miss P, you’ll be wishing you were out in the arena, galloping about with the outback cowboys and girls. There is plenty of music, singing, comedy and trick riding and a loosely woven story following the career of Phar Lap.

Outback Spectacular

But enough about the show, this blog is about food.

When you arrive at your seat, your covered entrée is already waiting for you. On this occasion it was spinach and ricotta bush damper tart with some pesto infused oil. The website says it also comes with a bush tomato chutney but that was missing from our plate. It was tasty but served cold which was a bit disappointing on a cold night.

Mains are served about halfway through the show and the outback staff do a fab job of serving and looking after you without getting in the way of the action.

It’s a huge main meal of BBQ tenderloin beef steak with a rich gravy, a mountain of carrots, beans, corn on the cob and mashed potato. This was meat and four veg, outback style, but everything was cooked really well and it was hot! If you let them know you don’t eat meat when you book, they’ll do a vegetarian main of Ratatouille, served in a camp oven and topped with pastry.

Dessert was a disappointment, individual Pavlovas with cream and berry coulis. It looked a little sad on the plate. Tasted ok, but some more fruit to cut through the sugar and a bit more care in presentation would have made it a nice finish to the meal.

During the night you have unlimited refills of beer, wine or soft drink and tea or coffee with dessert.

If you have guests from overseas or interstate then I highly recommend Outback Spectacular. It’s not exactly a cheap night out. Tickets cost $100 for adults, $90 for pensioners and $70 for kids 4 to 13 years. You’ll get the tickets a little cheaper if you are an RACQ member and buy through them.

Go see it. Support our entertainment industry, have a hearty feed and feel proud to be an Aussie.


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