Recipe success

I recently entered and won the Regional Flavours recipe competition which involved entering your best recipe using Queensland produce.

It’s brilliant when you start your Monday morning with a prize win. It’s better yet when your prize is one nights accommodation at Spicers Peak Lodge, all food and drinks and a spa package! Al and I recently had the pleasure of staying at this beautiful lodge and now we get to go back and experience it all again and it’s all thanks to my love of food! Thank you very much South Bank Corporation. I’m one happy girl.

This is my winning entry.

Thai inspired prawn and pineapple curry
Green Qld prawns
Fresh Qld pineapple (as much as you like)
1 red capsicum
2 tablespoons Red curry paste
1 Red onion
Tablespoon of honey
Can of coconut cream
Fresh coriander to serve
Fresh Qld peanuts to serve
Fresh red chilli to serve

Cook off curry paste, add onion and capsicum.
Add prawns and coat in mixture.
Add coconut cream
Add pineapple pieces
Add honey to taste
Cook until prawns are just cooked through
Add coriander, peanuts and chilli.
Serve with healthy brown rice and enjoy!

Prawn & Pineapple Thai curry


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